How to Insert and Remove Contact Lenses

Getting new contact lenses is an exciting time. Once you insert them in the morning, you won’t have to worry about fogged or wet lenses, and they are less likely to break if they are accidentally bumped or hit with an object. You’ll also notice that you have your full range of vision, but how do you properly insert and remove contacts?

Preparing to Insert Your Contact Lenses

1. Always wash your hands with soap and water before handling your contacts. This removes any germs, dirt and debris from your hands.

2. Dry your hands on a non-lint producing towel or with paper towels. If you get lint or fibers on your hands or fingers, they can get onto your lenses, which is extremely painful.

How to Insert Your Contacts Into Your Eyes

1. Open your contact lens package or lens case.

2. Gently remove the lens with your fingertip from the packaging or case and place it in the palm of your hand.

3. Rinse the lens with a few drops of all-purpose lens cleaner.

4. Place the lens on the tip of your finger. Most people use their index fingers, but you can use the finger that you are most comfortable using.

5. With your other hand, hold your upper and lower eyelids open. This will prevent you from blinking while you insert the lens.

6. Slowly bring the lens to your eye. You can look straight ahead or up if that makes inserting the lens easier. Then, touch your eye with the lens. It should slip onto your eye easily.

7. Once the lens is on your eye, you will need to blink a couple of times in order for the lens to become properly positioned on your cornea.

8. If you feel anything in your eye or the lens is uncomfortable, you will need to remove it and check the lens for debris and make sure it is not damaged or inside-out before rinsing it and reinserting it.

How to Remove Your Contact Lenses and Switch to Eyeglasses

1. In order to safely remove your contacts, you will need to wash and dry your hands.

2. Hold your upper and lower eyelids open to prevent blinking while you remove the lens.

3. Bring your other hand slowly to your eye. Using your thumb and index finger, gently squeeze the soft contact lens until it loses its seal against your eye.

4. If the lens is a daily disposable, throw the lens away. If it is a weekly, monthly or daily-wear lens, you will need to rinse it with some all-purpose solution, rub your finger on the lens to remove any debris and rinse it again before placing it in your contact lens case and filling the case with solution.

5. Once you have removed your contacts, use your eyeglasses to continue seeing clearly.

Getting an Eye Exam and Contacts with Our Optometrist

All the Whylie Eye Care independent optometrists in Des Moines and Central Iowa provide contact lens and eyeglass exams, and they can recommend the best types of contacts for your vision correction and wearing comfort. During the eye exam, the optometrist will test sample lenses in your eyes to make sure the correct fit is attained. During this portion of the exam, the eye doctor will also show you how to properly insert and remove the lenses.

Schedule an eye exam at the Whylies location most convenient to you, or call us at 515-255-5533.

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