Contact Lens Options

Eye doctors at Whylie Eye Care Centers in Des Moines and Central Iowa offer a large selection of hard and soft contacts from your favorite brands, including Acuvue, Bausch+Lomb, Ciba Vision and Cooper Vision, so that you can get the right fit and the right type of lenses for your vision and lifestyle.

Soft Contacts

Soft contacts are the most popular type of contact lens due to their comfort, ease of care and multitude of varieties, including disposable, weekly, monthly and daily lenses. These lenses can be used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and some degrees of astigmatism

Toric Soft Contacts

For individuals with severe astigmatisms, toric contacts may be the answer. Toric lenses are weighted on one side to prevent the lens from rotating, and they contain two prescriptions. The first prescription corrects the astigmatism. The second prescription corrects your refractive error.

Hard Contacts

Hard contacts or rigid gas permeable lenses are less popular because they require an adjustment period before they are completely comfortable. However, these lenses are great for individuals who have severe astigmatisms as well as those who are extremely nearsighted or farsighted. Rigid gas permeable lenses offer clearer vision than soft lenses because they do not move on the eye or distort.

Progressive Contacts (Bifocal/Multi-focal Lenses)

Recent advancements in contact lens technology mean that individuals who need bifocals or trifocal glasses can now get contact lenses. These lenses are often referred to as progressive lenses, and they are available in soft, gas permeable and hybrid varieties. These lenses provide great vision correction for individuals who need near, intermediate and distance vision correction. They can even be worn by individuals with presbyopia.

Tinted and Colored Contacts

Most types of contacts can be ordered with a tint or with a color. Tinted lenses are contacts that have a specific hue, usually blue, that makes the contact lens easier to locate if you happen to drop it. Colored contact lenses are prescription lenses that can change the color of your eyes, and they can come with or without vision correction.

Your Contact Lens Eye Exam with our Optometrist

Optometrists at Whylie Eye Care Centers offer contact lens exams that include your initial eye exam and a contact lens fitting, as well as a second exam that tests to make sure the lenses fit and vision correction is accurate. If you need single-vision eyeglasses or bifocals along with your contacts, our eye doctor can write you a prescription for both, and we can order them in our optical shop.

To learn more about contact lenses and eyeglasses, schedule an appointment at the Whylies location most convenient to you, or call us at 515-255-5533.

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